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Hello and welcome!

The mydailyrosary project was born in Melbourne when two friends, strolling coffee in hand, made a simple observation – praying the rosary is difficult!


It is hard to find the time, hard to find the motivation and hard to stay focussed.


We agreed that the rosary is so much easier when you pray 'with' someone, but it's not always possible. A recording, however, means that you have a prayer buddy with you at any time.  

These records have helped us pray our daily rosary - in the car, on a train, jogging, walking, cooking, cleaning, swimming - really anywhere. 

We have recorded (with the help of our very talented friend!) a few options to suit any daily routine: The rosary with meditations (all mysteries); a 'no frills' 15-minute rosary (all mysteries); as well as 20sec, 1min, and 2min meditations. 

Carving out that time each day to talk with God, meditate and just be in His presence is truly life-changing.

We hope to eventually make these recordings available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and anywhere else we can think of.


We are planning to expand our repertoire to sung rosaries, Latin rosaries, Zoom rosaries ... the world is our rosary shaped oyster!

With Thanks ...

The My Daily Rosary project would not be possible without two very beautiful and selfless people, and we'd like to acknowledge them here. 

Vocalist/Recording - Our male vocalist and recorder, who wished to remain anonymous, you sly thing! He poured in hours and hours recording, splicing and dicing to bring us the best possible audio product. Thank you!!

IT and website guru -  We wouldn't get very far without a website. And this is where Sheldon comes in. An IT genius - he was able to work out the 'revolving' home page as well as a thousand other things to bring this project to your hearts and homes.  

My Daily Rosary has been made possible by the prayers, encouragement and support of our friends and family and of course, you, our listeners. Thank you for coming on board with us!


Let's keep each other in our prayers :) 



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